Consultant Extravaganza

Looking for a pre-Christmas event to raise some much needed funds without hosting a huge event? Try a Consultant Extravaganza! You set up all the consultants, they do all the selling, and you get funds! Continue reading

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Raise $1,000 in Ten Days

Want to challenge your board members and volunteers to really make a difference for your group? Challenge them to Raise $1,000 in Ten Days! Here’s how… Continue reading

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Yappy Hour Social Events

Yappy Hour Social Events and Meet N Sniff Parties are quite the rage in many urban areas. If your area does not have this type of pet-filled frivolity currently scheduled, it’s time you got your group in on the action! Continue reading

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Thank A Thon

Do your donors know that they are the lifeline of your group’s mission? Do you show them your appreciation, or simply let them feel as if they are an ATM? It might be time to host a Thank A Thon event! Continue reading

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Kitten or Puppy Shower

Feeling the financial pinch during puppy or kitten season? Host a baby shower for your new litters to bring in some donations, highlight spay/ neuter programs, bring in foster families, and encourage adoptions of older pets to make room for the new babies.! Continue reading

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If you feel like you’ve hit the proverbial ‘roadblock’ in your fundraising ideas, perhaps it’s time to schedule a real Roadblock! Continue reading

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Exam Care Packages

Looking for a fundraiser for a college town? This idea really takes the cake… or Ramen noodles! Sell exam care packages for college students, which will be delivered to the student during exam week! What a great gift from parents or friends! Continue reading

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Gingerbread House Building Competition

Gingerbread ManA time-honored tradition for many families at Christmas is making a gingerbread house. Turn the tables on this tradition, and create a gingerbread DOGhouse building competition that allows people of all ages to work together to create a masterpiece fit for judging! Think of a Food Network competition, but with a pet twist. Whether you turn this competition into an exclusive event all its own, or pair it with another holiday festival or charity auction, a gingerbread house building competition can bring great exposure for your nonprofit group while raising money for rescued animals! Continue reading

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Keep the Ball in Your Court

Ever have someone show interest in your nonprofit, only to see them walk away stuffing your business card deep into their purse or pocket? Think they’re going to call you? Why not change the scenario?! Continue reading

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Touch A Truck

firetruck.jpgLooking for a fundraising event that will bring out the whole family? Try a Touch a Truck event and turn it into a community-wide fundraiser benefiting your animal rescue group! Continue reading

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