Bakeless Bake Sale

cake3.jpgAre your members overwhelmed from hosting bake sales for every school and charity in town? Surprise your volunteers and donors with this special ‘insurance’ theme for future bake sales!

Bakeless Bake Sale Fundraising
Send this letter to your members: “You are invited to NOT bake a cake, pie, cookies, fudge or brownies. You do NOT have to find the recipe you swear was just there a minute ago. You do NOT have to shop for rare or elusive ingredients. You do NOT have to mix by hand for 2 hours. You do NOT have to cook dozens of items at the last minute. You do NOT have to cut, wrap, and label individual items. You do NOT have to wash dishes. You do NOT have to clean spills in your kitchen. You do NOT have to deliver the baked products by 6:00am.You do NOT have to stand in the heat/cold/rain to sell the baked products. You can write a check for $20.00 to “name of organization” and stay home and enjoy doing something by yourself or with your family!”

Your group can create little insurance cards that will ‘buy’ them out of bake sales for 6 months to a full year! Create business size cards where you can write their name and then laminate it! It’s really just a gimmick, similar to a no show event, but it’s a clever way to up a donation from people who might give you just 1 dozen cookies and call it quits. It also allows donors not to feel guilty for not participating in a bake sale event because they are already pressed for time. This works well for schools where bake sales are a frequent headache for parents!

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