Tiered Donation Levels

Many groups like to use clever names for tiered donation levels for memberships and donation sponsorships. This works well to attract attention, differentiate between various levels, and leave an impression with donors about your group. Overly cutesy names may detract from your serious business of saving lives, but catchy names leave a lasting impression with donors. It’s a great system to encourage higher levels of giving, and can denote specific ‘premiums’ at each level, such as receiving a newsletter, free tickets to an event or a special recognition party. Here are some various levels and a few links that I found this weekend while looking for some concrete evidence for you. :)

Some examples of the levels are:
(in order of higher donation down to smaller donations)
Angel, cherub, saint, animal guardian (to go with an angelic, life saving theme)
Top Dog, Cool Cat, Furry Friend
Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels (very traditional levels)
Gold Paw, Silver Paw, Benefactor, Patron, Sponsor, Humane Friend
Humanitarian, Benefactor, Sponsor, Patron, Sustaining Member, Donor
* (For your higher circles of giving start with a separate donor level) Premier Circle, Founder’s Circle, Director’s Circle, President’s Circle, Benefactor, Conservationist, Patron, Friend, Donor

Here’s the listing used by SPCA Wake County’s Fur Ball for various ticket amounts, starting with the highest amount:
Premiere Pups and First Class Felines
Cat’s Meow and Dog’s Best Friend
Top Dogs and Cool Cats
Classy Cats and Canines
Fido’s Friends and Terrific TabbiesHere’s a good example of the various levels used by the Naperville Area Humane Society:
Naperville has a great chart showing all the benefits each level receives.Another option is to list the sponsorships based on what they will pay for, such as spay sponsor for $50, vaccination sponsor for $25. Here’s a listing of these sponsorship levels:
Sponsor Information

“The Cat’s Meow” – $15.00
Your Sponsorship will help feed an animal for one week.

“Pick of the Litter” – $25.00
Your Sponsorship will help vaccinate an animal
“Top Dog” – $50.00
Your Sponsorship will help spay or neuter an animal
“Lifesaver “ – $100.00
Your Sponsorship will help HSP to rescue another homeless animal and prepare it for
a lifetime of love and companionship.
“Best in Show” – $500.00
Your Sponsorship will help save the life of a heartworm positive dog or a pregnant/nursing mom.
The Plainfield Humane Society page combines several of the titles mentioned before, but also equates them to how the money will help the animals, either a spay, vaccinations, hw treatment, etc.Another site with a good example of sponsorship levels is: http://www.thebuddyfoundation.org/page7.htmlTake a look at their sponsorship levels for help building their new shelter, including the prices for bricks, rooms, cat condos, and dog runs.To use the dog breed method, you can use this listing:
Great Dane, German Shepherd, Collie, Poodle and Chihuahua
(Of course, you’ll have to give good descriptions of what they receive at each level, and note that just b/c the chihuahua level is for a smaller monetary amount, it in NO way defines the level of love a chi can give :) just to make sure the chis don’t feel bad)SOME FORMS:
Here’s a great form for ‘membership’ of a Friends group:
http://www.animalplace.com/join.pdf (This is a great looking site to browse around!)
Here’s a sample of a form created with various donations listed:
And here’s one that shows 2 sponsorship levels for a special dinner:
Another form used for both memberships AND volunteers:
Membership form for a Friends of the Shelter group:
Here’s another sponsor form with the Plat, Gold, Sil, Brnz levels:
A very basic donation form:

Here’s a sponsorship form from San Diego’s HS that I found recently. It’s their Constant Companion program which is really a monthly donation form. You can click here if you’re on digest: http://www.sdhumane.org/howyoucanhelp/donations.cfm

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing so you can help create a Friends of the Shelter program for your group!

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